Sitecore Item Versioning and publishing viewer

Focus of this article is to explain sitecore’s item versioning, publication restriction and viewer also required steps to create item’s versions. This article is intended for non-technical administrators.


Versioning is very useful for several things. First of all it allows you to keep old versions of your content, but it can also allow you to create content that is to be published on a later date.

Ccreate new Version

To make a new version of an item, go to the Versions tab in the content editor and click on the Add button.

This will copy the content of the item to a new version, which you can start working on without losing the content stored in version 1. You can switch between different versions of the item by clicking on the version number, see the above screenshot.

Publish restrictions

So what if you want to remove a page from the website but you do not want to delete the item. Or maybe you only want the page to be on the website for a certain time period. Or maybe you want different versions of the item to be shown on the website on different time periods.

This is all possible with publish restrictions. Let us run through these scenarios one at a time. If you want to remove a page from the website without deleting its item in Sitecore, you go to the Publish tab in the content editor and click Change.

This will open the publishing settings. Now click on the Item tab and uncheck the Publishable checkbox. After doing this you will have to publish the item, and it will disappear from the website.

If you create a page that should only be shown on the website for one month, you again open the publishing settings where it is possible to set a publishable to date. After this date the item will no longer be shown on the website. Be careful though, the item is only removed from the website after it has been published. A lot of editors misunderstand this part. After the publishable To date has passed the item is removed from the website after it has been published.

Now, imaging we create an item that has four versions, each version should be shown for one quarter. So one version is shown in the spring, one in the summer, one in autumn and one in the winter.

Again we open the publishing settings and go to the Versions tab. And enter the dates like in the following screen shot.

Again it is important to remember that the item should be published after entering a new quarter or else the version will not change on the website.

You should be careful not to have a published item without any published versions as this can result in strange errors in you website depending on how robust the website was implemented.

The Publishing Viewer

To get an overview of which version is published in which time period, you can use the publishing viewer. It is located under the Publish tab in the content editor.


Here the green bars indicate which version is published on a certain time, and the blue bar indicates when the item is published.

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