Installing Sitecore SXA


I am going to write a series on my SXA journey of exploration and collaboration with a team to work on a Sitecore SXA Implementation. I would like to start with very first step to introduce Sitecore Experience Accelerator and setup basic website structure.

First question came into my mind was that what is Sitecore SXA ? and what make it to stand in different row than other sitecore features and modules ?

Basically, Sitecore SXA is a technique to not only follow some standard to enforce for the implementation of Sitecore from his own creators but also a way to manage different life cycle of project in managed way and parallel as much as possible and feasible.

It allows to squeeze timeline of project by offering some commonly used builtin module and allow different stakeholders like content authors and developer to engage in project before they got involved in project in conventional project life cycle.

In above image you can see that different stakeholder does not depend on previous team to complete his work and prominent example if of Content Team that they are involved in project even before Frontend and Backend team which is not possible in conventional project life cycle.

Below are some key features

  • Parallel & less dependency of different teams involved
  • Drag & Drop interface for page assembly
  • Dynamic Wireframes
  • Enforce Best practices proposed by creators (Sitecore)
  • Information Architecture separation from designs
  • Customizeable toolset with some pre-built modules
  • Compatibility with Mobile First approach


Once you are ready to install SItecore SXA please make sure that below requirements are fulfilled

  • SXA enabled Sitecore license, If you don’t have SXA enabled licence then you have to re-generate your licence with SXA feature from SPN.
    Note: To check if license is SXA enabled or not, you can search for word ‘sxa’ in your license file if you find it there then it can be used for sxa installation otherwise you have to contact sitecore to upgrade your partner license.
  • Sitecore 8.1(Update-3) or 8.2 must be installed on your computer.
  • xDB must be installed and running which is compatible with your installed version of sitecore.
  • Sitecore PowerShell extension (Full 4.1 or 4.2 release) must be installed. More details about installing it, can be found at marketplace.

Note: Please cross verify that MongoDB is up and running, as it’s common issue that we consider it to be setup on later stage but it’s required and will not allow to proceed with installation of any package.


As a prerequisite we should install sitecore 8.2 which is compatible with Sitecore Experience Accelerator.

Once you have installed sitecore then select SXA compatible which can be found here

Now you need to download compatible SXA package from here

Install downloaded package from control panel and if it is taking more than 4 to 5 minutes and installation is not showing any progress then please make sure that all prerequisites are in place, specially MongoDB

After successful installation you need to rebuild indexes from control panel

Control Panel > Indexing Manager > Select All > Rebuild

Finally Sitecore Experience Accelerator aka SXA should be installed & ready to use now 🙂

Quick Review:

Go to sitecore back-end and expand Template Section in content tree, be sure that you have sxa default templates as shown below

SXA Installation

Similar folder structure should be under Layout section for renderings,layouts and placeholders


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