Forget admin Credits ? Want’s to update or Create user or admin with any authentication ?

Today, we received production database backups from client including master, web, core & some other for migration process but after restoration team was not able to access back-end to verify databases and proceed with migration further.
So we were in a situation that we can’t get production credits (very long process due to some protocols to share database again with Test account in core database) and we have to start migration as soon as possible, so team started to search and found a helping hand from Johan West at community, he explained in his post “Restoring Administrative Access to the Sitecore ASP.NET CMS” to restore access to default Administrator or Create new users etc without having any knowledge or access to accounts/users  and I picked below option that seems awesome and very friendly as well.

  • Write scripts (.aspx files) to create users, change passwords for existing users, make existing users administrators, or otherwise. I do not want to provide sample scripts in public, but the Sitecore Security API Cookbook linked at the bottom of this page should contain the necessary information. You can also contact Sitecore support to request such scripts (for the fastest response, reference case #377855 if you do). Either way, remember to delete the scripts afterwards.

So I requested Support Team then they provided me “SecurityHelper.aspx” which is useful in my scenario.

We can also utilize a very fast and useful way to reset default admin or user password to default “b” if we have knowledge about any existed user & SQL script execution permissions on core database that was explained by benjamin  in “Reset the admin passord” post and works perfect for me as well.

UPDATE dbo.aspnet_Membership
SET [Password]=’qOvF8m8F2IcWMvfOBjJYHmfLABc=’, [PasswordSalt]=’OM5gu45RQuJ76itRvkSPFw==’, [IsApproved] = ‘1’, [IsLockedOut] = ‘0’
WHERE UserId IN (SELECT UserId FROM dbo.aspnet_Users WHERE UserName = ‘sitecore\Admin’)

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