Forget admin Credits ? Want’s to update or Create user or admin with any authentication ?

Today, we received production database backups from client including master, web, core & some other for migration process but after restoration team was not able to access back-end to verify databases and proceed with migration further. So we were in a situation that we can’t get production credits (very long process due to some protocols to[…]


Sitecore Bug on content delivery server regarding ReportDataProvider

Issue We deployed sitecore website with two content delivery server with load balance on azure environment and followed instructions for Content delivery server as mentioned here, We are facing an error for images “Unable to cast object of type ‘System.String’ to type ‘Sitecore.Analytics.Reporting.ReportDataProviderBase’.” Reason This is because of known bug which is not resolved upto[…]

Sitecore Item Versioning and publishing viewer

Focus of this article is to explain sitecore’s item versioning, publication restriction and viewer also required steps to create item’s versions. This article is intended for non-technical administrators. Versioning Versioning is very useful for several things. First of all it allows you to keep old versions of your content, but it can also allow you[…]

Wrong positioning of Context Menu in Select Media Item dialog (Classic mode)

Issue When we switched to “Classic Upload” for media library then it works but context menu positioning is not correct for selected media item. Reason In sitecore 7.2 rev.140228 when we uploading images for components from either content editor or page editor it did not uploads but also disables upload button. Solution To avoid the[…]

Sitecore’s Minimum Security Settings

This article is for minimum security settings that every sitecore’s production website including real estate and campaigns should have although for detailed security settings you may consider security cookbook guide from sitecore. Version Disclosure (ASP.NET) Version header could be helpful for hackers to exploit the know loopholes of specific version of Resolution: Set enableVersionHeader[…]